Monday, July 8, 2013

The Lost Entries: Days 21-25

You might have noticed that I skipped four days of entries. Well I really didn't! My phone's blogger app is glitching and they are trapped inside. I'm really frustrated because these were four very fun and full days. We'll all pray for their safe return from the abyss, and in the meantime I'll do a quick summary.

Day 21: I popped in to Gorham from the woods and on my way, I saw a moose in the middle of the road. Of course, 300 miles in the wilderness of Maine and I see my first moose in town. But there he was! The local hostel owner stopped her car, asking if I would be spending the night. I told her I would only stay if the town had a movie theater. She sadly shook her head but drove me into town anyways. I ran into Cosmonaut in Burger King and we hitched to Wal Mart together, completing a thrifty resupply. I hiked the easy mile and a half out of town to Rattle River Shelter, which was sadly empty. But it allowed me to focus my energy on the Whites up ahead!

Day 22: The Fourth of July! I got introduced to the Whites by going over Mount Moriah, Carter Mountain, and Carter Dome. I met lots of day hikers and did a work-for-stay at Carter Notch Hut. After washing dishes for an hour, they served me and two other hikers with a really tasty dinner. In the true American Spirit, I almost barfed from overconsumption.

Day 23: Got an early start and climbed up and down Wildcat (very steep) before getting a soda at the Joe Dodge Lodge. I fueled up and made the tough ascent of Mount Madison, my highest peak up to that point at 5366'. Some guy on top had just summited his final New Hampshire4 4000-footer and poured me a glass of wine. Probably the best view I've had all along. I did a work-for-stay at Madison Spring Hut with 3 other hikers, which was a ton of fun. The Croo, the guests, and the other hikers were all really nice. I count this day as one of my best on the trail so far.

Day 24: Stayed for breakfast at the Hut, eating my fill of pancakes and oatmeal, before setting out to climb Mount Washington. Up top, I continued a hiker tradition of mooning the cog railway that runs up near the summit. I ate 19 dollars worth of food at the snack bar atop the highest peak in New England, and I did my last work-for-stay at Mizpah Hut.

Day 25: Got up early and peaced out of Mizpah before breakfast. I stopped at Ethan Pond Campsite, where I met the caretaker who was a cool dude. We talked about my plan for the day, and he informed me that the miles to Zealand Falls Hut were flat and fast. That they were, and after some coffee and a cookie bar at Zealand, I rounded out a solid day by climbing Zeacliff and making it to Guyot Campsite, which was unfortunately a mile off the trail. The water was right next to the shelter, though, and it was really cold and delicious.

So there ya have it. Again, I hope I can retrieve my detailed entries. Sorry guys!

Pictures: Carter Hut from above, happy Fourth, the Presidentials looking intimidating, on top of Madison, on top of always-foggy Washington, "worst weather in America" warning.

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  1. What a whirlwind! Alot of mountains work for food> Rain> Any females of interest?


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